Proposal: PGOV Extinction Pool on DinoSwap

Tokenomics and vesting schedules will be shared soon (prior to launch, currently slated for early July)

On liquidity, I think you may be misunderstanding. The PGOV liquidity pair on SushiSwap will actually remain on sushiswap, and only the LP tokens will be used in the “Fossil Farms” to farm DINO. We are not a DEX ourselves, we partner/route through existing DEX’s AMM’s. The marketing exposure is a definite plus. Given the small selection of launch partners, PGOV will be front and center among the rest to a new audience. The 2M DINO vs 200k usd PGOV (estimate based on modeling) does not even account for the price appreciation of the DINO token itself, something else to consider.

All in all, we believe we will provide an exceptional service similar to PancakeSwap. They boost token liquidity by a significant amount to everyone’s benefit through incentivization (in our case, DINO). Updates will be posted here and we are looking forward to working together. Thank you all

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OK, so the LP token holders can choose: They would go either to Fulcrum and farm PGOV or they would go to Dino’s Fossil Farm to farm DINO that can be used for example in the PGOV (or any other) extinction pool to farm the 200k usd worth of PGOV. Is that right?

You got me curious about the estimate based on modelling of the 2m dino vs 200k usd pgov, This suggests that you already have DINO priced in USD terms in your model, could you share that price with us?

And could you tell us already the VC price, seed price, presale or the expected first public sale price (if any)?

Looking forward to more information, thanks for keeping us updated, it sounds exciting!