Add UST and mAssets to polygon.fulcrum

UST is a fully decentralized stable coin that is bridged from the Terra blockchain to Ethereum , liquidity is currently being incentivized on DFYNs polygon USDT-UST pool.

Mirror protocol is another Terra native app that is bridging assets cross chain. Mirror protocol is creating synths of real world stocks using stable coin (UST) collateral.

It would really help the use case of the fulcrum platform if users could long and short stocks using Mirror’s mAsset synthetics.

We could also engage with Mirror protocol to see if governance would provide Mir token to incentivize initial mAsset liquidity incentives on polygon. This would be a win win for both protocols.

No problem with UST, but I advice against mAsset synthetics, as they may be at risk of being classified as a security by a regulator.

With permissionless listing, it would still be possible, but we most likely won’t put them on the front-end for the same reason.

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Yeah thats the idea, take the uniswap approach and dont list them exclusively but rather have an interface where they can be added in a permission less manner and where the pairs can be added to the interface manually by the user. Liquidity could be incentivized on DFYN or Quickswap or in worst case some third party farm. Dont really need incentives for fulcrum, the APR from the loan/borrow fees should be enough .

Then we just need to wait a bit until permissionless listing is ready :+1:

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