Algebra DEX Partnership

HI! My name is Adam, I’m working for We wanted to know if you are interested in partnership with us

Here’s some quick info on Algebra

We are not a fork but an innovative next-gen exchange picking up the best practices from the market and introducing new features that make LP farming more profitable. We developed built-in liquidity farming instead of using other services, which allows our users to earn more. Secondly, we refused the idea of using 3 fee pools with different profits depending on risks and offered a unique dynamic fee model that calculates the fee depending on many factors, including the degree of risk, trading volume, pools volume, volatility, etc. It eliminates the possibility of error from the side of our customers and makes both swaps and liquidity providing more profitable. Thirdly, we preserved the technology of concentrated liquidity presented by Uniswap v3. Now your liquidity isn’t traded on the whole range from 0 to infinity but keeps being traded on a specific price range you choose on your own, which essentially means that all your trades are made by the actual prices, and the fees you earn are the best on the market. Finally, we start on Polygon with a plan to expand to other networks within a couple of months, which leads us to you.

What we offer

We would like to offer you to join a farming event on Algebra. Conditions are discussable, we see it the following way: you can provide liquidity for trading pools and a certain amount as incentives for the farmers. From our side, we will offer ALGB as a reward, and that’s what nobody does. We do not charge extra fees from projects. We are also open to all sorts of marketing activities as well.

We are looking forward to hearing your opinion on that! Do you think we should set up a call with our founders? If it is interesting for you, we can book a call

Hi Adam,

We are actually needing more liquidity ourselves to cater the needs of our margin traders, so I don’t think this will be of interest to us at the moment.

Maybe in the future we could route some of our trades through Algebra instead of Sushi if you have better liquidity on certain pairs? We will have permissionless listings soon for tokens that have price oracles, but I can imagine not all of them to be sufficiently liquid on Sushi.

Please let us know if you see some opportunity in the future!