Avax and Fantom are Zombiechains, focus on Ethereum L2

According to the roadmap of bzx integrations for Avalanche, Fantom and some polkadot variant are planned, but I have not read anyone considering the deployment on the upcoming Ethereum L2s - Optimism and Arbitrum.

Avax and Fantom chains are ghostchains, this will not bring any volume to bzx or users. This is pure waste of time, nothing else.

Look at Fantom, empty blocks one after another: https://ftmscan.com/
Look at Avalance, a bit better but wtf: https://avascan.info/

On the other hand the L2 will have huge ecosystems and users as soon as they start.

Let’s not hang around with the losers, let’s focus Ethereum L2.

Am I the only one feeling this way?

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I feel the same, would be good to focus all development power on what has a positive impact for bZx involving volume/ users of the platform. I’ve heard that AGOV and deployment on the Avalanche chain does not cost bZx any manpower. That has been said. bZx on Avalanche would be a novelty in the crypto space, first margin trading platform on Avalanche. Good for marketing purposes but might disappoint in relation to revenue and fees generated for bZx. I like all focus to be on L2/ eth, the home of bZx after all. Together with Fulcrum-Pro and Permissionless Listings. At the time bZx deployed on BSC, that was the right thing to do, at that moment. Polygon is hot now, good move. Next best move will be L2/eth, id like to see us focus on this.


I agree, layer 2 will be very good to attract new users.

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Funny reading this 5 months later.

Yes, these chains pay bribe as crazy to get users active… when this is over, the mercenaries will leave to farm the next and done. Not sustainable.

Solana, Terra, dot ?

In the long run FLOW, when defi start there, it attracts a lot of people.

Unfortunately, Solana is rust, not evm compatible. We’ll have to hire dedicated devs proficient in eth and sol (solidity and rust) to develop ooki on Solana from ground up. It’ll take alot of time.

Optimism and arbitrum should go before everything else. But avax should’ve been done since Q1 this year so they’ll be able to handle the ooki branding very fast without bzx having to do (any) lifting. Assumingly…