BGOV community proposal

After much discussion with prominent members of the community here is a proposal to:

A) Split the fees into:

  • 20% coin burn weekly
  • 40% fee share to BGOV holders
  • 20% fee share to BZRX holders
  • 20% insurance fund

B) On each coin burn reduce the maximum cap of BGOV by the amount burned (current max supply to be shown on BSC site)

C) Once the maximum cap reached then farming fees to be paid out in BNB or USDT if possible


I think once the max cap has reached, farming fees is better paid through BNB and/or vBZRX than through BZRX. There are a large number of vBZRX lying idle.


I’m good with the fee sharing part

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I am all for a change that will help keep people in BGOV. Right now it seems they have no reason to keep it. I would like to stay and see the BSC chain develop, but something needs to be done. Let’s see what the community thinks by having a vote on a proposal.

How comfortable are BGOV holders with the following?

50% of fees distributed to BGOV holders on a weekly basis
15% of fees distributed to BZRX holders on a weekly basis
20% of fees distributed to Insurance Fund on a weekly basis
15% of fees used to market buy and burn BGOV on a monthly basis

Perhaps a poll in the main or traders channel will show what the community thinks.


I like this proposal. I think if necessary, fees to BZRX holders could even go down to 15%. It balances the different interests very well.


I also want to show my support for this proposal. honestly, anything that gets the ball rolling for BGOV!

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I like the proposal. It is well balanced, i like BGOV holders to vote on this.

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I also think this proposal is good. It relieves selling pressure on bgov at the same time it keeps interest on holding it. What are the next steps for a vote?

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I also think the more bgov ​​is made the reward for staking the bigger the bgov ​​will dump gradually … so I think for better earnings, not with bgov? nothing else but to keep the price of bgov ​​stable and even increase regularly.

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on the other side, if you wanna do that, there isnt buying pressure from the bgov side. and i think on the longer term if the fees ar high enough. the buying pressure for the high fees would outweight the payout in another currency