Bribe Votes Using Votium

Votium is a tool to bribe voters to push liquidity incentives toward a specific Curve pool. This proposal entails the utilization of Votium to bring deposits to iTokens. This will be a multi-step process involving the creation of a Curve factory pool for iTokens and allocating funds to bribe voters.

Curve Pool
The process for creating a Curve factory pool is now fully permissionless. This will allow us to be able to create an iToken pool without significant struggle. The iToken pool will likely consist of iUSDC, iUSDT, and iDAI as these are the three stable pairs. These are also the most borrowed tokens generally so it is vital to attract liquidity.

Votium Bribing
The bribing process requires the allocation of treasury assets to bribe voters to vote for directing incentives to our Curve pool. Votes occur bi-weekly for directing incentives and we will need to bribe on the votes so emissions are directed towards our pools. The asset used can be native tokens, but need to be whitelisted on Votium. After the whitelisting process is completed and the Curve factory pool is created, only then will we be able to submit bribes for the voting process.

This post is to field the initial interest in this and discuss allocation amounts towards the bribing initiative.


This is a good proposal, much more cost-efficient than farming


Posting here to support this. This is very important to implement for the rebrand. Any ideas for when this will be ready?

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i’ll support this proposal. good and sustainable longterm.

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Same opinion as the Ribbon Finance I just posted -great idea, essential even.

I would normally say wait till Ooki launched, but in this case, it would be helpful to do this before Ooki launches because the earlier we have liquidity on the new platform the better - is it worth doing it before the Ooki launch with BZRX bribes on Votium?

But then it means we’ll have to have two tokens whitelisted on Votium - BZRX now and Ooki later, instead of just one. Not sure how feasible that is.

I do not think it makes sense to get both whitelisted as it will likely not happen. It is potentially an option but will be difficult to do as the migration would be at the same time as the bribe itself.

Can’t we start the voting process soon? Before the phase III at least. Launch after Ooki launch is a given imo

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