BZX team/developers compensation

This is thread to brainstorm ideas on how the nature of the developers compensation? Few factors we may want to consider, what % of the losses suffered should be compensated, and via which token?

My case is that the devs must be compensated in whole, as we need them to be motivated and not unfairly punished. They are also victims as well, and furthermore it is important to have our interests aligned in order for this project to succeed in the long run.

I present the following options, we may shrink these down when it comes down to voting:

  1. How much should they receive of their loss?
    a) 25%
    b) 50%
    c) 75%
    d) 100%
    e) 0%

  2. What tokens should they get? And portion
    a) VBZRX 100%
    b) VBZRX/BZRX 50/50%
    c) VBZRX/BZRX 75%/25%
    d) BZRX 100%

Please feel free to add and refine. This is extremely crude, I just want to get a discussion started.

Personally I’m leaning towards 1d)/2a)

Edited: Added 0%.

Additional ideas:

  1. A different token (similar to a warrant)

In my mind we should tie this to future success.


so you mean another token? maybe like warrants?

so you’re against giving vbzrx/bzrx in any form?

We should tie the developers refund to certain conditions - as they should be last in line.

If we tie it to future success, we will refund those cases to 100% - but only in case of survival. If it fails, refund is meaningless anyway.

Examples for these conditions which trigger a payout / discussion / vote:

  • Debt token is completely paid back.
  • Marketcap of 1b reached
  • xxxx daily users on ooki

Yes, they absolutely deserve to be reimbursed, but they don’t have precedence over everyone else who has worked hard their whole life and lost their savings in this incident.


+1 for that.

Dev should be reimbursed 100% as long as the user gets reimbursed 100% first.
Imo, it’s quite important to have the dev able to make their fund back, as this is how they are mostly paid for their work.
If they have no chance of getting back these funds, then I see less motivation to save the protocol entirely.
We need to keep in mind that the best shot for everyone to get their fund back 100% is to have the platform have steady revenue in the future

In short:
1: d
2: Let’s figure that out what the best plan is once users all got their funds back. I would be leaning toward the same as they lost.