DAO Omnibus Funding

Now that the DAO has launched, funding is required to ensure that existing contributors are compensated on an ongoing basis. At the time of writing, the treasury contains over 400,000,000 ($170,000,000) BZRX, which can be purposed to maintain operations.

Below is a spreadsheet detailing the rates at which other communities are compensating their key contributors.

Compensation in DeFi — 2021 Research

The following recommended allocations have been made based on comparable industry comps and discussion with the relevant contributors.


Junior Comms (Tom Burns) - 20k/year (1.66k/month) + 15,000 BZRX/year (TC: $25,250)

Senior Comms (Angelo) - 86k/year (7.16k/month) + 200,000 BZRX/year (TC: $156,000)


Operations Lead - Paris - 86k/year (7.16k/month) + 400,000 BZRX/year (TC: $226,000)

Budget - 150k initial, 20k/monthly. Includes expenses for studios, designers, and advertisements.


Intern (Drypto) - 50k/year (4.2k/month) + one time 6k for completion of the 3 month grant

Part Time Developer (Stephen) - 59,331 BZRX, one time payment

Senior Developer (Aodev) - 120k/year (10k/month) + 400,000 BZRX/year ($260,000)

Solidity Developer (Eugene) - 120k/year (10k/month) + 400,000 BZRX/year ($260,000)

Solidity Developer (Roman) - 120k/year (10k/month) + 400,000 BZRX/year ($260,000)

Infrastructure - 180k/year (15k/month). This includes deployment costs, hosting, node infrastructure, Chainlink fees, and other associated costs.

Community Management

Community Manager (Dick Kingz) - 14k/year (1.2k/month) + 10,000 BZRX/year

Community Manager (The Dude) - 14k/year (1.2k/month) + 10,000 BZRX/year

Community Lead (Chris) - 60k/year (5k/month) + 25,000 BZRX/year


MorrisonCohen - $100,000 retainer.

The calculated total compensation numbers may fluctuate based on token price.


I am okay with those numbers. but im missing Tom and Kyle in this post. Also the other developers like Rodion and Diana. Could you explain this futher?

Could you tell us a bit more about the teams allocation of 206 million vbzrx (20% of the total supply), for who are those?

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I am happy with the numbers too, but in addition to the above questions, it would be good to have everything added up, showing the total budget request in both USD and BZRX as a headline number.

Also I assume this proposal is for a period of 1 year (starting when? 1 Sep?) but confirmation would be good on that point.

Oh and also, I assume everyone listed above is full time (except for the “Part time developer”) - is that correct?

Also, what does the retainer to the law firm get us? What I mean by that is, does it mean something like “100k per year for X number of hours of legal advice, but if we need more legal services above the limit, then they will charge on top of that” - or something like that?

Are Tom and Kyle not getting paid? If not they are leaving project? If everything is transparent then put all the numbers, not just some of the numbers

how much of the 20k monthly budget is actually used for advertisements?

Can you elaborate on that one?

Is this the sum out of 20% team +20% builder funds? Source: https://bzx.network/images/blog/Table%2002.png

Proposal: Is it possible to lock the teams salary of the tokens for one year to let the project grow a little more and prevent selling? Other proposal: distribute the BZRX part of the salary monthly to stop big hits if someone decides to sell.

But generally this seems all fine for me $ wise. Just a little concered about the big amounts of BZRX being available to the market. :smiley:

I wouldn’t worry too much about that. The Binance trading volume on the USDT pair alone (there are others pairs on Binance plus Sushiswap and elsewhere, so the actual trading volume is much higher) for BZRX is around $8m in the last 24 hours. Even if all the BZRX needed for funding the above is dumped on the market in one go (which it wouldn’t be), it will only be a small part of the daily trading volume - I doubt it will have a huge impact on the price.

okay. :slight_smile: thank you. I’m just curious.


Rodion and Diana would be happy to continue if there was a way to fund them with fiat via a registered company. However, they are unsure about the legalities of being paid via a DAO. This is something the community can certainly take up independently of the funding proposal.


The protocol has been in development since 2017 and the team tokens have been used to incentivize various parties associated with the development and promotion of the product/protocol from that point until the current moment. A substantial portion went to the founders as well.

The total number is around 2mm/year at current prices if you add it all up, though it fluctuates somewhat with the token price. The rates are indeed full time. The retainer for MorrisonCohen is intended to be used for handling any inquiries related to hosting of the front-end. The retainer would be good for around 133~ hours of legal service.


Correct, we are not getting paid. We have a stake in the project just like many other community members, but the community is all piloting this together. We have to move past the Kyle & Tom cult of personality for us to continue to grow and thrive.

All of it if you include design, motion graphics, Twitter promotions, music videos, and traditional ads as advertisements.

The builder fund, the ecosystem fund, the security and alignment fund, have all been condensed down into the treasury. As for locking the funds, I think you’ll have a hard time convincing anyone to spend all of their time contributing to the project with those conditions. The selling pressure created by rewarding contributors wouldn’t even be a blip on the price chart, and I think spending the money creates far more value for the community. As a general rule of thumb you can move around 5% of the 24hr volume without having a large impact on the price.

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okay, thats some more information. so if im correct they wont contribute in a development way anymore and searching new work at this time, or how do i need to see this? im missing also your and tom’s information. you guys aren’t on the paylist? your now just “a community member”? you are working on something else for bzx and if you do in what way, development, marketing, etc?

so if im correct they wont contribute in a development way anymore and searching new work at this time

That’s the current state of things with Rodion and Diana, but they are open to coming back. Rodion in particular is worth retaining IMO, it’s just unfortunate that there isn’t legal clarity around being paid by DAOs.

im missing also your and tom’s information. you guys aren’t on the paylist? your now just “a community member”?

Correct, we’re not on the payroll. If the DAO is to thrive, we need to remove ourselves as a point of centralization. We’ll still be contributing to the governance discussions, just like everyone else, but we need everyone on the same page that this project is driven by the community not Kyle & Tom. Satoshi had to die so that Bitcoin might live, and it only made Bitcoin stronger for it.

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yeaa, his github seems nice, would love to get him on the payroll in some way… ! thanks for al the replays. appreciate the answers, makes it all more clear.:+1:t2:

This is only about 155k BZRX per month. That amount of sell pressure won’t even be noticeable.

What about front-end developers? Would some of that be handled part-time from the Operations budget?

Yes, true. :slight_smile: I think its fine.

Should we add “operation budget” for all other topics as well? not just technical operations?

Marketing campaigns and community “events” for example. :slight_smile:

Yes the community events currently consist of the bi-weekly community calls and AMA’s in telegram. There will be more marketing and community events organized in the future as the rebrand proceeds and gets underway. If anyone has any suggestions for any new types of events drop them in the discord or telegram groups and we can work on setting them up.

The operations budget does cover non-technical ops, like marketing and PR.

The bZx DAO Funding proposal has proceeded from Forum Discussion to snapshot vote: https://snapshot.org/#/bzx.eth/proposal/QmWTMMugs5MsJs9Bk6K2LbVC1LbSWprhEnxp8XHYt3k2j3