Debt on the team proposal

Hello everyone. This proposal was made by another user but was removed because it had “threatening” content against bzx’s team. Im going to try to expose it here without “threatening” anyone.
Basically, it said that the losses generated by the attack could be written as a debt on the developer/team. This means that a third party would pay for the user’s losses or a part of them and the team would pay this debt on agreed terms with the third party.
This would be a fast way to reimburse everyone and an incentive on the team to keep working efficiently on the project to be able to pay the debt. The treasury could also be used as collateral. We wouldn’t need to sell an illiquid token as bzx/vbzx resulting in a massive loss of value.
This option could be complemented with the debt token proposal by the user “joker bra” (part issued debt, part debt token).
The hard part/downside, in my opinion, would be finding this third party.