Deploy the staking platform on a L2 instead of mainnet

Staking your tokens for your rewards is a fantastic to share the revenue to loyal users, but:

Until now the reality is, that staking/unstaking/claiming on mainnet made the whole thing for 99% of stakers a negative sum game. You spent more on gas than the rewards you could claim, only if you stake in the several millions of tokens.
Even if you had staked 100k bzrx in the beginning of v2 and did claim every 2 months your rewards you are still negative!
The token didn’t produce any yield at all for most investors and if they asked on telegram on advice staking, the only reply you could give is “don’t do it, unless you are a whale”

Idea for solution:
Deploy the staking platform on a L2 like Arbitrum or Optimism instead of mainnet.

Problems I see:

  1. we don’t know yet, which L2 will be the dominant.
  2. bridging the tokens
  3. noone else tried this before???

Guys, what are your opinions?

I agree with you, that was one of the good points of B/PGOV, but those fees will soon flow towards iBZRX on their respective chains and those chains are cheap, so the solution is already there!

It’s not the best solution, of course, so there is room for improvement.

After rebrand, a new consolidated staking solution will be proposed, but my guess is that it will be after limit orders (fulcrum pro) and permissionless listing.

When those are ready, we will hopefully see which L2 is going to be our favourite, and the new consolidated staking solution can be moved to that chain.

In the meantime, bzrx holders can accrue the staking rewards on
Ethereum mainnet (with vBZRX, BZRX or ETH/BZRX Sushi LP)
BSC (iBZRX pool) or
Polygon (also in the iBZRX pool)

Not perfect, but imho good enough for now

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