Deposit fee to avoid sell pressure (BSC)

Hi, I would like to propose a fee for each deposit in farming to avoid sell pressure on bgov from services like autofarm (compound)

The fee could go to buy BGOV

Why is it important to have a stable or slightly bullish bgov value? Because the platform is nourished by bgov, if bgov has not value people won’t hold it and the bgov rewards would tend to zero for lenders.

In short, lenders need holders, and holders won’t hold if there is sell pressure


I agree with you that we should target a stable or bullish BGOV token price (although pumping the token price is not the priority - having a well used, successful protocol should be).

However, I’m not sure how much a deposit fee will help. A couple of points:

  1. It seems a deposit fee will mostly discourage deposits meaning it won’t be good for TVL. Of course some people will still deposit, but there will be many more who deposit if there is no deposit fee. This could still be fine - the protocol still needs to generate revenues and a sustainable protocol which makes profits at a lower TVL level is better than having a higher TVL but no profits.

  2. However, I doubt that a deposit fee (if it is small enough to avoid completely discouraging deposits) will generate enough money to make a significant dent in the supply - there was a huge burn of about 1.5% supply in 24 hours this week ($300k) and it didn’t make much difference.

I agree with you holders need a reason to hold the token instead of simply dumping farming rewards, but the solution for that might be to give BGOV stakers the platform fees (instead of burning them). I think the burning is needed now, with the high inflation and high farming rewards, but as that drops a fee sharing model may be better (or a mix of fee sharing and burning).