Educational Content

Majority of users in the Defi space do not understand what Defi actually is and how it can improve crypto as a whole. As leaders in the Defi space it would be great to produce some simple minded explanation of what this is.

  1. Youtube content with simple videos giving a 101 on what it is.
  2. Interviews though podcasts, blogs, AMA
  3. Short snippets in graphics that could be shared on socials
  4. Entire portion of the site dedicated to this cause giving users different places to explore and learn on their own. Code academy has some great examples how they explain what coding is.

Tie this in with marketing content and it would create a regular source to push on social media in-between development posts to stir up visibility.

Examples of social content tied into this.

“Did you know x amount was locked into Defi this week, learn what this means here”
“What is Defi and why it is changing the Crypto space”
“Dont let someone else control your finances, take control!”

Nice to educate the world. Better to do that and also explaining WHY bZx and not somewhere else. So youre new at defi ? This is why bZx is the best for you. Decentralized, fees…ect ect. Make your customer LOVE you, and not someone else.