First post. Really excited for the vision of the BZX team to come true

I have been here since presale and plan to stay for a long time. In a lot of ways, the team has always been outthinking and questioning the standards in DEFI. Sometimes, you need to take 2 steps backward before leaping towards the stars. The attack was just a hiccup in the long run.

When we take new risks and explore new paradigms of decentralized finance, there will be few hiccups along the way but what is important in Crypto and in general startups is, the better product always wins in the long run as long as they are persistent and not willing to give up.

This team did not give up during the attacks and I don’t see them doing that anytime soon. One day, I hope DEFI will become as big as CEFI and we will see BZX protocol becoming as big as what the CEFI institutions like JP Morgan, Bank of America. If not, we will have plenty of knowledge and shoulders for future DEFI products to stand on. Either ways, I am proud to be part of a mission like this which comes once in a lifetime. To Governance