Governance. Proposal for listing these pairs next in the protocol

The idea is to get the latest high volume and popular tokens out here so that we can attract the margin traders. The following are the 5 coins I want to list as part of fulcrum.

  1. Sushi Token
  2. Ampl
  3. YFV
  4. YFII
  5. Kimchi Finance

I don’t really like Sushi. they are just hype.


I will definitely vote Sushi Token

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Obviously not going for Ampl, protocol is a mess

lol we have completely opposite views then :slight_smile:

Realistically, the community should be debating and fine tuning some parameters for asset risk assessment for Fulcrum.

Alternatively, we could elect to highly prioritize Security Mining and Permissionless Listing such that these types of tokens could be supported by “security” Market Makers who are basically acting as pair-specific insurance funds, and circumvent the need to constantly approve new tokens. Successful and high volume tokens from the security mining pairings could then be fast tracked for protocol addition.

I think it is premature to add many new or risky assets while the lending/borrowing pools are still coming to equilibrium, so we should be planning these conversations over weeks and months - not days.


New coins are going to attract new users which is great, but we need to squash the UI bugs first. OG users won’t mind so much because they know things will improve and bugs will be fixed, but new users might leave and never return if they have a bad experience (e.g. not getting their transactions through and wasting gas which amounts to hundred of dollars at the time of writing this).