Idea: Sync BZRX, BGOV and PGOV

Hello everybody,

proposing the idea that you can trade/exchange BZRX and BGOV/PGOV to sync the prices and also make votes on other chains possible.

Maybe providing liquidity for BZRX/BGOV on pancake or something is enough.

To not flood the overall circulating supply it would even be possible to buy back all BGOV and PGOV first and then add the pairs to sync it.

Let’s discuss.

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could also use vBZRX

This has already been discussed in detail last month - see the discussion at the link below.

Personally I agree with what Audax posted in the other thread - I think the benefits are not worth the hassle involved in doing this, but always willing to consider specific ideas on how to execute based on the problems outlined in the thread below:

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