Incentives for early stakers

All great things have small beginnings

A hope for rewards transforms a visitor to an enthusiast.

Say, stakers gets 20% of the 0.5% vbzrx weekly distribution, that would be really cool.


As an early staker I like the premise. However the idea of the 0.5% weekly vbzrx reward is to drive usage of the fee generating aspects of the protocol. All this would do is make more people stake, meaning more dilution of fees amongst stakers, and less incentive to borrow and trade, thus even less fees to share amongst even more stakers!

It would be nice to get the gas cost back in vbzrx though. Not too sure how that would work though? I guess all the staking transactions could be queried and gas fees pulled and perhaps those who have staked since the first week (or during the full bootstrapping phase - however long it lasts) could at least recover the gas fee. I’ve only earned back around 25% of my gas cost to stake so far.