Integration of a Simulation Mode

I am full of energy today, because I have seen the rebrand live - so excuse me for those many posts at one day.

Remember the days, when online Poker was the hot new thing like in 2006?
Did they force you to cashin and play with real money? No, they didn’t… they gave you a Simulation Mode, where everything was identical to their real product, expect they gave you free chips. Their conversion rate of those beginners to real money players was just impressive, almost every one of my friends ended up playing real money - even if they planned not to start.

Now we have the situation:
Imagine Fulcrum today is PokerStars 2006 without the simulation mode - and requiring new traders without showcasing their system in an interactive way to invest real money to try it out. Would this poker hype worked out like this? I guess not!

This is a serious entry barrier - but we can remove by providing a simulation mode.

How do I imagine this?
Check out the simulation mode on instadapp! This is fantastic feature, you can try out everything, understand the functions and try if these actions have the result you expect them to bring!
For Fulcrum:
You enter simulation mode on Fulcrum - the display turn into virgin pink or something to make clear it’s not real!
You will get into a simulated account of yours, where you have play money like 100k USDC or 100 ETH to start with. Everything can be done, you can margin trade, win like a bandid or get rekt, borrow, lend - whatever. Whatever is done is based on real your play credit but is based on the same oracle data like the real version - asset prices, interest rates or even gas fees. (just make the confirmation times quicker maybe)

What is the goal by this?
Have users understand the Fulcrum platform and make it more likely to convert them to active users.

What else could we do by this?
We could create tutorials or little games where the users can learn how to trade by historical chart situations.


Great idea! I agree with this to attract and keep new users!

I really like your creativity and would say, give it a try if it’s not that complicated and time-intensive to program.
But in the end I know no one who went to a crypto based lending and trading protocol without the intension to throw money in it.
Going into crypto is a big hurdle itself.

Well, most of the users come exploring the opportunities and we need a showcase.
The trader should be familiar with how the manage the positions, how the interest accrues and many details. I would have been thankful for a preparation with a simulation mode and I would have used it quicker for real.

But you are right, it is a question how much effort it is. But as far as I can judge it, it should be one of the simpler modifications - also because no real money is involved.

i support this proposal only if the dev time is reasonable. i think for now, your first proposal has a more priority, the same as the reflexibility of the pools, PL and limit orders

As others said, I think this is a good idea but I’m fairly sure there won’t be the dev time to do this right now - but it can certainly be put on the to do list for later.

Ultimately I think this is a really cool idea and it could be used as a great marketing tool as well. There could be small $OOKI rewards for doing things too.

“New to crypto? Try out the world of DeFi with zero risk! Earn while you learn!”

I think once PL and PRO are done and dusted this would be a really worthwhile thing to do.

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Didn’t think about it in this way, but this is great perspective!
Look how much attention zapper got for their reward program. Look how many people are taking part! They give simple rewards for completing DeFi tasks.

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Agree with the others, it’s a good idea but there are more pressing matters that have priority like fulcrum pro, PL and expansion to new chains.

However, if there’s a freelance dev reading this that can build it, please make an offer to the DAO and we can discuss this!