Issues with Fulcrum lending?

I have some USDC lent on Fulcrum. I hadn’t checked it for a few months and when I went to check it today, there is some banner about protocol changes but the rest of the page does not load… Is there something going on or is that just a temporary technical glitch? Should I be concerned about my funds? How would I unlend them?

Nevermind, customer service sent me to the new Ooki domain…

Hi what is the process to unlend from Fulcrum?

instead of going to the old url, go to the new url and click on the ‘Your Yields’ tab. From there you can unlend.

Thanks very much!
I was crapping myself when the fulcrum site wasn’t loading lol.

you’re welcome! It was the same for me last weekend… I’m surprised they still haven’t put a message or redirect on the old site, even after I reported the issue.