Missed migration from BZRXv1 to BZRX


questions keep coming up as to whether it is still possible to migrate your BZRXv1 to BZRX.

As we know, the migration program started in mid-2020 and ended in mid-2021.

This loss of those who were too late could be profitable for both sides.

I imagine a buyout of the remaining BZRXv1 by the DAO. However, at a fraction of the BZRX price.

Since the BZRXv1 token were bought much cheaper anyway, the pre-sale buyer can at least make a small profit, while the DAO could strengthen the treasury this way.

There are 4.7mm BZRXv1 not migrated to BZRX. It’s highly unlikely that all pre-sale buyers will be found tho, but it can still add up to quite a bit.

BZRXv1 address:

Do we have any tentative plan to migrate.

We have discussed this multiple times before, also on this forum, and the consensus was that rules were clear, those people were (way) too late.

I’m curious to see how this proposal would strengthen the treasury, could you elaborate it further? Can’t we just add those 4.7mln into the treasury when we mint OOKI?

i don’t support this proposal. i need some more insights on what price you would buyback this. how much wallets are involved for now. is this amount significant?

i think as stated above, we need to leave this chapter and move on. prior is rebrand, liquidity, PL, stops

I would accept any form of at least a partial refund of the lost tokens, as I discussed already here on the Forum, and also the Telegram chat.

After being a strong supporter since its inception, I am deeply disappointed by this project after having found out that most of the community doesn’t give a damn about us, who missed the migration period. I planned to invest in this project even more, before realizing what I just mentioned. A year is way too short of a period, considering that, e.g. an unfortunate medical condition could easily take away a person’s attention for a year. I would have given at least 2 years to migrate.

I will give you an example; after Yoroi updated the Byron wallet to Shelley, they did not end the support for the old wallet, stating that they wouldn’t want ADA holders to lose funds. This is a very fair approach, to keep the users in control. I know it’s a different situation, but the intent is clear.

So I would be glad if the BZRX community began standing by its supporters initiating some kind of a solution. I might even change my mind and pour some more investment into BZRX if successful.

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i am open for a consensus. but there need to be decent plan for it. i do not want to do this for like a total of 200k bzrx. like i stated above. so my main question are:

  • the accounts that didnt convert within a year arent in the treasury at the moment? otherwise it would inflate the treasury.
  • how many wallets are involved?
  • whats the amount of bzrx is involved?
  • at what price will it be converted? you said partial. what amount in % is fair and could you agree with.
  • if this is going to happen. the best is to swap to ooki and after at least our limit orders are implemented.

if there are enough people and its worth it, we can do this. a last change i would say. if this going through and people missed this opportunity. they are unfortunately too late.

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I’m totally against doing things that’s in the past

The project has to move forward. Snoozing for over 1 year and then come here to demand things that already passed will cause problems in terms of delivering many features ooki has to develop.

Expanding nft and merch

I can tell you that ooki has tons of better things to do than this

We can further add the track record of how slow development and the amount of delays there’s been. We should not distract the team by adding things that do not move the brand forward

I am glad to see, that you are willing to take part in finding a solution. I am not sure how many users are there, some have already made their voice public on this Forum, I’m sure there are many more. Though, I guess some of them have already forgotten about their tokens and won’t even bother.

From those who spoke up, there are many who had missed the migration window due to Covid disruptions, like me, which seems like a legitimate reason to me. Even governments gave leeway to people with their duties and responsibilities during the pandemic.

As for the price, I don’t have a concrete percentage value which I would suggest. I guess it’s up to the community and the developers, so the additional expenses could be covered from these funds. All of us who lost access to their tokens are better off ending up with at least something, rather than absolutely nothing. In addition to that, I think the community would greatly benefit from all the tokens which remain unclaimed, once there was a new chance to migrate. Those who wouldn’t seize the chance to migrate for the second time are practically oblivious to the whole project.

Just like you, I’m looking for a fair solution that would be beneficial for all the parties involved. One that could show the integrity of this project and the community behind it. A supportive and positive community, not a greedy one with no understanding of its peers whatsoever. To give credit where it’s due, there are many people who showed willingness to support those who missed out. That is what a healthy community behind a solid project should look like. Because what gives a project it’s worth? The people. And if the people are weak, there’s no chance for a long lasting successful operation. Only a strong supportive community can make a project worthwhile. If people will see that they are backed up when it matters, they will stay loyal. Otherwise the whole thing becomes just a house of cards.

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Hi, same as you guys, i missed the conversion and i thought it could still be possible but it seems it doesnt.
I hope there is a solution for us.

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