PGOV Vesting Schedule and Price Stabilization

In order to create long term prosperity for farmers, we need price stability. In order to create price stability, we need to balance PGOV buying pressure with PGOV selling pressure.

Once rewards become vested in the BZRX and PGOV vaults, we are likely to see a substantial increase in selling pressure.

We can offset this selling pressure by decreasing the multipliers in the PGOV and BZRX vaults, and increasing the multiplier in the PGOV/MATIC vault.

That way instead of most investors selling 100% of unlocked PGOV rewards, some investors will only sell 50% to MATIC, create liquidity, and stake in PGOV/MATIC.

The increased multiplier, along with marketing partnerships with other Defi projects and communities, will generate additional buying pressure for PGOV and additional liquidity to lower the price impact of PGOV swaps.


BZRX vault multiplier = 65x
PGOV vault multiplier = 10x
PGOV/MATIC vault multiplier = 66x


I would suggest to reduce bzrx to x50, but lp increase to x70, pgov single remain unchanged. Also locked rewards from bzrx and pgov pools to keep locked until the price is stable, lp pool is big enough, and most of emissions issued. Social marketing to be done as well to promote pgov tokenomics.

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After discussion with several prominent community members, the proposal is updated as follows:

All rewards in the BZRX and PGOV pools are locked for 90 days. On day 91 the PGOV earned on day 1 is released. On day 92 the PGOV earned on day 2 is released. And so on. So virtually PGOV earned in a day is always vested 3 months later.

Updated multipliers:

35x PGOV
20x iBZRX


Agree on the above mentioned proposal

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This looks good to me.

I agree with the up mentioned proposal and think it should go to a vote.

Agreed, to much pgov and bzx multiplier