Proposal for listing bzrx on major exchanges

Proposal for massive listing bzrx on major exchanges:
Kraken, Coinbase, Huobi Global, Kucoin, FTX, Bitfinex, and more.

Now that the Bzx protocol is fully independent, it’s the right time to take it into our hands and start thinking about better marketing by asking bigger exchanges to list us.
Listing on larger exchanges will bring us larger daily volumes, as well as a greater flow of money into capital.

We will entrust the marketing department of BZX to set aside the necessary part of the money from the treasury and start to register BZRX in bulk at the above-mentioned exchange offices.
By sacrificing a smaller amount of money from the current treasury, we can get back twice more money.

It’s time to share BZRX to more traders on the other exchanges.
Let´s vote about it.


I like the initiative but i only see some buy the rumor, sell the news effect at this moment. Or ?

first let’s wait for the new name and rebrand. lets put everything be in place before we gonna expand the exposure to other exchanges. otherwise it would be confusing on the long term. besides of this argument, im willing to consider this proposal only if the this proposal including all the listing fees per exchange. a listing fee above 50k is in my opinion to much.

in conclusion: for now i disagree with this proposal and i’ll need a to see a more detailed one on the listing fees

Nobody needs CEX to buy DeFi token in 2021.

We are at binance still in the innovation zone, right?

So yes, new cex is truly needed but like someone said above, after the rebrand.