Proposition V1 to V2 swap

Good day, I am here to propose to swap my old V1 BZRX tokens for the new V2, for me has been very difficult, and expensive to do that with no success so far, therefore I am proposing to the community governance forum that this swap to be paid with te DAOs treasury, I am an investor from the very begining of this project and would be great for me to still be part of this. thank you very much

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Out of curiosity, how much would you be paying right now? Which gasprice did you put?

Gas cost in Metamask is about 1.48 ETH, USD $ 4,560, just for write the contract for 1,356 BZRX

Nobody paid that much, ever.

Could be that you are too late, though, sorry :frowning:

Same issue here, we missed the migration window, but hopefully we can get help and get our tokens back. I posted this topic as well.

No… that’s all