Rebranding to Fulcrum

Myself and many others seem to think that rebranding to bring everything under Fulcrum as one umbrella would be a good idea because it would reduce confusion. Anyone have any better ideas or things they would like to add?


Yeah I really like the idea of a single interface with lend, borrow and margin.
Right now you need to have Fulcrum and Torque in its own individual browser tabs.


I agree! And to the degree “bZx” is now (simplistically) associated with the exploit back in February, a rebranding to Fulcrum could be positive.


Or just call everything bZx sounds fine.

If we rebrand to “Fulcrum” I’d also say the token should be renamed to “FULC” and “vFULC”.

  1. Sounds like “Folk”
  2. Easier to meme than “BZRX”

e.g., The Incredible Fulc, “Fulc it”, etc.


If we rebrand to “Fulcrum” I’d also say the token should be renamed to “FULC” and “vFULC”.

I really like this

Not crazy about FULC since it sounds like the long winded “F*****CK” as in I’m screwed.

But I like re-branding everything under Fulcrum. Simple, easy to remember, sounds cutting edge.

After the latest few days, with all the fud and trash talk, a rebranding might be more appropriate than ever. I understand that a rebranding is not at the top of the priority list right now, but a bit further down the line it might be smart.

I agree with the rebranding and combining the platforms but I also don’t know what is coming next as far as integration that could have a big bearing on the name. Needs to be a 1 dollar word or sound like Mfi
Not that I dont like fulcrum it is just a 5 dollar word and is lost on these Defi degenerates.

I think deposit fee should be introduced to prevent people from selling their token anyhow while the apr or apy is also reduced. That might help increase the price of bgov especially, my thought though