Refund Losses through Slowly buying back the Assets combined with debt Token

Hello everyone,

I am going to make this very clear in this Proposal that the people shouldn’t be getting the USD equivalant of their lost assets at the price they got stolen but to get the assets themselves! This is why i propose a Debt Token issuance coupled with a transformation of the treasury with focus to buy back the assets and compensate the lost funds with 20% APY!

1- The Group that lost BZX will get compensated with BZX and vBZX accordingly! This can be withdrawn from the treasury and given to the Users! It also should be given in a monthly manner! So the Price can’t crash that much under the sell pressure!

2- The Other Assets will be compensated with a debt token and maybe 10% in the assets they lost! This is done so that the Token doesn’t suffer a huge price decrease due to inflation and can keep its value!

3- The debt Token will be used to claim a monthly reward where if not claimed the monthly reward will be compounded! The APY is not allowed to be less than 10% for this it might be a good idea to use multichainstaking at Thorchain (20% APY)!

4- It is very important to compensate less with BZX and more with other assets! That way we can control the flow of BZX into the market and its repurchase and the price wouldn’t crash that much under sell pressure!

P.S. I am the same guy whose proposal to take a debt from the bank to repay the customers got removed! I still think it is the best Idea! It is the way big Organizations handle things and how they show to their customers to what extent they are trustworthy with their money! But i would leave this to the team to decide if they want to do that or not! I would also love it if proposal that aren’t like to be actively refuted and not actively censored!


Don’t like this, as I’d rather get all the BZRX back straight away so I can take part in the DAO when it’s comes to voting. I think many people who had BZRX will keep it as they believe the rebrand will be successful.

i am sorry to tell you this but most people right now just want to sell their token and have nothing to do with project though your problem can be solved by letting the people who already had token to participate on governing with monthly lock up of the tokens so they can sell them and the price wouldn’t crash that much

The key problem with your original bank debt proposal is that it is not possible. No (real world) bank will lend to a DAO.

It might be possible for the DAO to take a loan in DeFi secured against its BZRX assets but that’s very risky in terms of liquidation and losing the whole treasury and it will only raise a few million dollars anyway - nowhere close to repaying everyone.