Relaunching user platform incentives

Would like to discuss with the DAO changing the vBZRX farming rewards to a more platform growth model by changed the schedule and dispersion rate over varying protocols. This would not change the allotted distributed amounts.

  • Starting date would be ASAP
  • 1st 2 weeks all rewards distributed to the lending only ( to bootstrap liquidity) Consider small guarantee reward plus a lock time scaling of rewards ie. 2 week lock 1.5x, 4 week lock 2x, 2 month lock 5x
  • Next 2 weeks all rewards dedicated to the borrowing only (would like to see multi token collateral borrowing) not every one has 10K DIA or USDC but have combinations
  • Next 2 weeks all rewards dedicated to the trading with 2x rewards compared to the lending and borrowing weeks as this is one of the long term key features that differentiates BZRX from most competitors. Consider Trade games with pay outs in BZRX to biggest winners and loosers
  • Rest of the farming tokens would be distributed to all 3 groups on a descending scale. Example would be rewards based in the TLV. Rewards start with 10x normal and scale down as TLV increased to X amount. That could be 50M or 100M or 1B.
  • Also marketing around all changes are very important
  • Would like to see discount to stakers or holder of BZRX only in the form of 2x reward
  • We lack liquidity on the token side so consider some of protocol farming partnership

This is just a start for discussions