Several Tokens to List for Ooki

After the rebrand happens, I think it’d be wise to explore and list an array of tokens that

  1. Have sufficiently deep liquidity
  2. Decent DEX trading Volume
  3. Have an existing Chainlink Price Feed

I’ve perused the top 100 trading pairs on Uniswap V3 and picked out a handful that currently have Chainlink price feeds.


The following I would say should be high-priority if/when Chainlink adds price feeds. These are all in the top 100 by volume on Uniswap V3 regularly.



this is a strong list overall and tokens that make sense to add, especially the 4 with chainlink price feeds. This can be packaged into a proposal if there is sufficient consensus on the tokens to be added. My thoughts are it will follow rebrand on being pushed into an on-chain vote and deployed, but can be discussed and planned now.

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Would love new listings upon launch date. Supporting this. Would it not also be good to list AVAX, or are they not in price feed still?

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Good idea, I fully support this, was actually thinking about SHIB today how easy it would be to do some marketing with our Ooki monster.

but pricefeed is a must indeed

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i support this proposal!

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Nice. Yes. Please…

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Definitely support this!

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I support this proposal

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Posting this to remind the team