Should we adjust LP multiplier for PGOV

Totally understand the fact that the overall market is down. Which continuously leads to the sell off our governance token PGOV.

Just want to hear out what everyone think in terms of adjusting the multiplier on LP one more time?

Here are some ideas option:

option 1:
iBZRX : 45, LP : 75, PGOV 19X, other remains unchange

option 2:
iBZRX : 35, LP : 85, PGOV 19X, other remains unchange

option 3:
keep as it is

option 4:
Pause the farming and relaunch when rebrand

other options feels free to suggest

Option 3 for me. Don’t see the point at all, why do you think changing multipliers will fix anything

option 3. i agree with the statement above. i don’t see the benefit in it at the moment

id say keep as is… theres already a sell off going on, and raising them would just add more pressure to this… we should find an equilibrium soon enough without further adjustments to the multipliers.

Raising multipliers could be a short term fix, but a problem longer term

I think the posters above missed the point of this, there were no proposed raising of multipliers, it was a redistribution to favor the native Polygon assets over the iBZRX ones. Rewards should always be equitable to risk, and anytime you introduce single sided staking with rewards outside of the staked asset it has less relative risk to the original staked asset, and hence favors dumping the reward. The people with skin in the game should have the highest rewards, the PGOV holders.

Not missed at all as far as im concerned… i probably didnt make myself clear re reading my post, but if you distribute rewards to the lp pool further, those rewards become available instantly whereas the ibzrx ones are locked then vested.

if anything in hindsight, the distribution of pgov has already been too high and fast, and that has probably impacted on the price crash more than anything… Had it been slower all round, demand would have been higher and selling pressure reduced, and maybe even the price crash would have been less dramatic…

I dont know the answer, but it seems if you try and fix or adjust one thing, it has further implications down the line and breaks another, so I think your idea needs further thought and further ideas as if we were to implement the above, wed also need a way to remove selling pressure, or add to the buying pressure/demand…

Then i think you could be onto something

Id be more in favour of something like, halving the emmision rate/multipliers accross the board, creating an extra farm which uses the same lp tokens, but vesting them for a long period with increased emmision/ rate/multiplers on that pool only to give people the option of fast withdraw capability at a lower Apr, or rewarded for a longer term commitment with a lot higher apr

The selloff sucks but this is the market and changing these multipliers would have very little effect. I rather the team focus on getting real stuff done.