UI and UX Improvements

User Interface of the bZx Website

Suggestions and Improvements

To preface this, I agree with the thread to rebrand everything you offer into a single product - this will align with my suggestions here.

  1. Merge Fulcrum and Torque into a single “product” externally

Fulcrum and Torque are currently marketed as two separate products with two separate websites, as seen on https://bzx.network/. From a marketing perspective, I don’t understand the value of the separation. It’s fine if they are internally separate and handled individually, but to the external user, these two platforms should function as one singular product. They are frequently used together, and should be integrated together from a UI perspective. This will help advance a symbiotic relationship between them and drive usage. I suggest consolidating them onto the same website. See below for elaboration.

2) There’s too much clutter and wasted real estate on many of the websites

Nobody is stumbling across these websites from a google search at the moment. Your target audience knows exactly why they are coming to your website and why they want to use your product. They are clicking on links from Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. The users of those platforms are doing it for you. You do not need to use up the most valuable real estate on the website to explain your product and its benefits over the competitors as though your audience has suddenly landed here without explanation.

Put all of this information on a FAQ/About page that is not the landing page. Reduce the amount of graphics and clutter. I have to scroll through about 4 pages for a total of approximately three paragraphs of text content. Lean and clean.

3) Make it intuitive and very easy to swap between the pages that house your products - one single website

Use the Fulcrum app page as a home hub. Put a sidebar on the Fulcrum app page with the following buttons:

MY DASHBOARD - This page shows your open trade positions, open lends, and open borrows

MARGIN TRADE - This page houses the margin trading platform (https://app.fulcrum.trade/trade)

LEND - Shows the lending page (https://fulcrum.trade/lending)

BORROW - Shows a reworked borrowing page (https://torque.loans/)(“Powered by Torque…”)

STAKING & REWARDS - Shows the staking dashboard (https://staking.bzx.network/)

STATS - Shows platform statistics (https://app.fulcrum.trade/stats)





There should be one single place for all of this, not six websites. Update all of the content on each of those websites to be lean, concise, and presented in order of usefulness of information. Once that is done, organize them as above.


This is really good, I fully agree with this!

These are great suggestions. I have found it a bit tedious navigating to the various parts of the site and this would definitely make it easier to navigate.

It would also be cool if the blog page could have smaller “cards” as it takes ages to scroll through them.