UMA protocol KPI options for BZX

I think this is definitely a good idea to explore. It’s much more advantageous for the project to use KPI options in almost any situation where we could otherwise use tokens instead as a reward/payment.

Is there a way to structure KPI options so that they are given out for liquidity mining/yield farming?

So for eg, something like traders get (for eg) 10% of their trade value paid as BZRX KPI Options and the amount of BZRX each option translates to will depend on total trading volume of the protocol in 3 months? So 1 option can be 2 BZRX if the trading volume goes up 25x in 3 months. Or 1 BZRX if it is up 10x etc. Will incentivize traders to trade and use the platform more.

Of course something similar can easily be done for TVL and options paid to lenders (instead of simply farming BZRX) but it may be more interesting to do for traders…

Of course. They can be structured to fit any goal/ metric you want. Several protocols have even set them up for liquidity n yield. Badger recently did rebse options. They can be set up so the payout is however you wish as well.

TVL is great but if market fluctuations may not alwa6s be best route. But they can be set up to follow whatever metric you wish.

I think any future program that involves token rewards should definitely use KPI Options instead of directly giving away tokens.

Right now the protocol is going through a transition as there will be a rebrand and relaunch in the next few weeks, but it’s definitely something to look at once we’re on the other side of that.

That is great. I will keep in touch.

How are we on this? Btw, please check out I’m sure you like this rebrand.