Utilize the treasury to buy p125 at a huge discount

Looking at the holders list of p125 there are a lot of people that suffered massive losses and will realistically never get the entire amount back.
I believe that the best thing to do is to provide these users with the option to exit (the LP will never have enough funds for someone that lost 300k, let alone multiple people).

There can be a page with a fixed rate of 0.10 - 0.15$ for example that will allow users like this to exit (more specifically the top 100 victims that all lost over 40k usd or something along these lines).
I will be great for the protocol, because it will dramatically decrease the debt at a 90% discount and it can also provide a great opportunitie for the biggest victims to recover something back. I’m sure that at least some of the large holders of p125 would rather get 20k now and move forward then to hope that they might get their 200k back potentially decades from now.

This way these victims won’t have to constantly drain the current LP, so the people that lost less money will have a chance to sell as well. I know that this is dividing the victims which is not great, but I don’t think that someone that lost 500 usd will be as happy to get 10% back, compared to someone that lost 500k. Also, the people that lost the most had the biggest trust in the project and I think that doing something for them will set a great example of the future of the protocol.

This is not an official proposal by any means, this is something that I think will be very benefitial for everyone. If someone agrees and would like to create proposal based on this idea, or even expand it further, please do.