Will Fulcrum be the first to list HEX on a margin trading platform?

Hello all,

The HEX community has been looking for a margin platform to list with spot settled trades through a dex. We think Fulcrum would be a perfect platform to be listed on!
Here is all of our major liquidity pools:

HEX-ETHv2 (0x55d5c232d921b9eaa6b37b5845e439acd04b4dba)
Total Value: $5,496,365
19,129,476 HEX
635 WETH

HEX-USDCv2 (https://etherscan.io/address/0xf6dcdce0ac3001b2f67f750bc64ea5beb37b5824)
Total Value: $17,396,845
60,847,941 HEX
8,645,001 USDC

HEX-USDCv3 (https://etherscan.io/address/0x69d91b94f0aaf8e8a2586909fa77a5c2c89818d5)
Total Value: $5,918,298
16,822,375 HEX
3,024,782 USDC

HEX-WETHv3 (0x9e0905249ceefffb9605e034b534544684a58be6)
Total Value: $1,252,644
4,037,991 HEX
290 WETH

Thank you for the time!


Lol would be great to be able to short this ponzi

go short WISE, literally a risk free trade. Youll get liquidated shorting hex


what a clueless clown “bitcoincreator” hahaha

This would be sooo sweet!

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the people want hex listed

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Would be nice to see HEX listed. Would give people that dont like the project for whatever reason a way to short and people that do like it a way to long! Could give a real advantage to fulcrum being the only play where you can margin trade HEX in the entire world.

Oh my god I wanted to short hex foreeeever. This would be nice



i’ll see Hex is trading in uniswap. currently we offer trading through sushiswap. once we have uniswap supported and TWAP-feed is implemented i think we can list it. but for now we have to wait for those updates i quess.

Permissionless listings will allow this to happen but currently there’s a whitelist. If there’s liquidity and the whitelist checkbox checks out, I would support this. I’m not technical enough to analyse this.
But with alot of support, it might go through.

Guys check out the rebrand of Fulcrum. Would be cool to see HEX on ooki.com.

Btw, is Hex on chainlink price feed?

i dont think so. thats why we need to wait for the TWAP-feed implementation