Being able to swap V1 for V2 BZRX tokens

Guys there are some people who lost their stack because they are not able anymore to swap their V1 BZRX into the latest V2 BZRX. The available time to do so has expired. Today John talked about his case in the TG channel and its kinda sad to read that someone is not able to swap their tokens and they have become worthless. I know a dead line is a deadline but there are always special cases and circumstances why someone was not able to swap in time. We can do 2 things, we can say f*ck you John ( and others ), your old V1 BZRX sits nice and warm in our treasury now and youve lost. OR, we show what we are made of, being gentlemen at bZx and extend the period to swap the tokens from V1 to V2 with another year, so we can make people like John very happy people. Just think of it this way, if this would have happened to me, how bad would I feel ? TOM already said in the TG chat that a new deployment with other variables to extend the swap period with 1 more year is just a matter of redeploying the contract, not complicated at all. Will not cost any dev time, will cost like zero dev time. Please comment on this proposal and show what you are made of, give some people a second chance, or let them suffer.Thank you for reading.


Thank you Frank, I have found some other people throughout the forum, who lost their tokens. I will try to get everybody together so we are not all over the place.

Thanks for your voice.

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No… and that’s all