Kind request to have my token unlock

Sincere greetings to everyone on the governance team.
I am Peter by name and I am writing to get my BZRX protocol token unlocked. Actually, I did participated in the promotion campaign of this project back in 2018 and I was rewarded with 1700 worth of tokens.

However, I so much believe in your project such that I decided to let it be for future reference. But now, I decided to swap the token on binance and then I discovered via Mr. Chris that the token is locked and has passed the time I can use it.

Therefore, it is for this purpose I decided to write the governance team to please help me unlock the token in my wallet, after realizing my wrong.

I will be very grateful if my humbly request can be approved.

Here is my address: 0x3D238Fa063BEE0238cc0F102c9FaeD4D4571D36e

I promise to make good use of it ASAP.

Best Regards

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You missed the migration period, this happened to me as well. I hope we can get help and get the tokens migrated. I posted a topic about this issue as well.

NO, because we are GREEDY ! ----- > YOU SNOOZE YOU LOOSE.

Having that out of my system, yes i will give you my support.

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So Frank created a new topic for us unfortunate ones and he and some other members showed their support. Let’s get together so we can have a stronger voice. That way the community can vote to agree to give us our lost tokens back.

P.S.: Don’t forget to sign your message to prove that the account with the lost tokens belongs to you. Please see my post for a reference. You have to connect your BZRX account to this page and sign your message on the following link:

You can upvote Frank’s post here:

You can find my post here:

No… that’s all