MIM (Magic Internet Money) Pairs Added

MIM is a cross-chain DeFi stablecoin and now the 91st largest token by market cap and growing (https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/magic-internet-money). There’s decent liquidity on Arbitrum, BSC, and Avalanche. Assuming Chainlink price feeds come online soon, I think we should add MIM pairs on any chain which has sufficient MIM liquidity.


Makes sense to me. Probably worth waiting till post rebrand?

I believe itll be a good addition. Once TWAP price feeds are implemented, assets that are not available on chainlink could be added

Hey Drypto, it looks like MIM just went live with chainlink price feeds. https://data.chain.link/bsc/mainnet/stablecoins/mim-usd

Maybe we could roll this into Several Tokens to List for Ooki.

This would just be a new stablecoin pair.

yea, good idea. thats would be one proposal less @Del