Proposal for token swap bzrxv1 to bzrx v2

Hello bzx community, I didn’t realize it time that the bzrx token has migrated to new contract address and I am much late for the token swap process. This didn’t happen with me before as few other tokens when they migrated to new contract address automatically deposited new tokens so I was unaware of manual swap process. So, I would like to request the bzx community to process my token swap if possible and I am very much hopeful about that. Thank you!

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I have the same problem, I also posted a topic about it. I hope we can get help and get the tokens migrated.

NO, because we are GREEDY ! ----- > YOU SNOOZE YOU LOOSE.

Having that out of my system, yes i will give you my support.

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So Frank created a new topic for us unfortunate ones and he and some other members showed their support. Let’s get together so we can have a stronger voice. That way the community can vote to agree to give us our lost tokens back.

P.S.: Don’t forget to sign your message to prove that the account with the lost tokens belongs to you. Please see my post for a reference. You have to connect your BZRX account to this page and sign your message on the following link:

You can upvote Frank’s post here:

You can find my post here: